(It’s Kind of Like) Telephone


“(It’s kind of like) Telephone” exemplifies a collaborative and interrogative practice between a group of photographers, taking place in the public arena. As each artist posts an image, it appears online via a Tumblr feed; the next artist responding in-turn. This continuous exploration into individual practice and how this is influenced by a collaborative event (taking place across a digital platform), eschews geographical awareness, and further explores the complexity of online dialogue and how this pertains to the exchange of ideas in the arts today.
“(It’s kind of like) Telephone” is a continuous conversation taking place in the digital arena between the following artists: Una Spain, Kate Nolan, Mandy O’Neill, Dragana Jurisic, Amy Stevens, E. Brady Robinson, Miriam O’Connor and Ethna O’Regan.
About ArtBox

ArtBox is a contemporary art gallery based in Dublin city centre. The exhibitions programme will see a multi-stranded approach, allowing for several points of engagement across disciplines. The gallery will function as an incubation-space to analyse levels of engagement and possible cross-over points between contemporary art and courses currently available in Universities. Each exhibition also creates large scope for student engagement and the linking together of arts practitioners with MA/PhD students from a range of disciplines. This will be illustrated through the core gallery programme, as well as special events and performances taking place throughout the city for ArtBox projects.
ArtBox is a not for profit arts initiative supported by Dublin City Council’s Vacant Spaces Scheme.