Opening Weekend Schedule

These are the main events taking place during the PhotoIreland Festival Opening Weekend, 2-5 July:



Thursday 2 July

6pm – Official Launch and reception, at Oonagh Young Gallery, 1 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.
Exhibitions Opening:
• Dominic Hawgood, Under the Influence, at Oonagh Young Gallery, 1 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.
• Katrin Koenning, Fieber, at The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1.
• Group Show, (‘It’s Kind of Like) Telephone’, at ArtBox, 3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.



Friday 3 July

10am-5pm – Portfolio Reviews at The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1.
7pm – Eamonn Doyle’s Book Launch at The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2



Saturday 4 July

11am-2pm Talks at D-Light Studios, 46 North Great Clarence Street, Dublin 1.
• 11am – Stacey Baker on Photography and working for The New York Times Magazine.
• 11.45am – The industrious Photobook: from zero to hero. Dieter Neubert (Fotobook Kassel ), Heidi Romano (Photobook Melbourne), Beate Cegielska & Moritz Neumüller (Photobook Week Aarhus), joined by photographer Jan McCullough, winner of the Fotobook Kassel Dummy Award 2015.
• 12.30pm – Katrin Koenning, introducing her work Fieber, on show at The LAB.
• 1pm – Claire Monneraye on contemporary Australian Photography and the Australian Centre for Photography.


6pm – Jigeum, Korean Photography and Photobooks, at South Studios, 27 New Row South, Dublin 8.
8pm – Special Evening at The Copper House Gallery, St Kevin’s Cottages, Off Synge Street, Dublin 8
Exhibitions Opening:
• Christiane Peschek, 13 Kinder, solo show winner of last years Portfolio Reviews.
• Island-Australia, Curated by Claire Monneraye, Australian Centre for Photography.
• Asia Pacific Photobook Archive, with selected books from the collection.



Join us and lets enjoy together these fantastic events. You can see the full list of exhibitions online, and if you want to find out more, subscribe and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.