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Under the Influence, Dominic Hawgood.

PhotoIreland Festival 2015

Dublin 1–31 July


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Official Launch: 2nd July.
Portfolio Reviews: 3rd July.
Summer Campus: 2-5 July.
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Main Exhibitions

Dominic Hawgood Installation

Under the Influence
Dominic Hawgood

A decade ago, narrative photography was all about the tableau, the grand staged scenes that Julian Stallabrass dubbed ‘museum pictures’ for their grandiosity and historical aspiration. For writers like Jean-François Chevrier and Michael Fried, the tableau needs to be self-contained, a world unto itself, into which we can project our thoughts without being caught up in any external trappings of theatricality. Hawgood’s use of lighting and installation, external text, supplementary video and virtual documentation openly flaunts this model of picture-making. In his hands photography provides less a totalising vision than a contingent, complicit mode of exploration.
This is less a ‘model of experience’ (Chevrier’s claim for pictorial photography) than a quest for experience, using various forms of unreliable imaging to re-activate the jaded viewer’s imagination.


Extract from an essay by Lucy Soutter for 1000 Words Magazine.

Image: Hawgood’s installation at TJ Boulting gallery in London’s West End.


Dominic Hawgood

Hawgood’s practice combines photography, moving image, CGI and lighting design, and explores the aesthetic crossovers between advertising, art and technology. His award winning series Under the Influence, examines the use of exorcism within London based African

evangelical churches, and the merchandising of these contemporary rituals. The enigmatic experience of seeing deliverance first hand becomes the inspiration for a series that engages with topics about authenticity, desire, and the real.


Christiane Peschek - 13 Kinder

13 Kinder
Christiane Peschek

PhotoIreland Festival Portfolio Award winner Christiane Peschek
at The Copper House Gallery from 4-31 July 2015.


Images © Christiane Peschek, from 13 Kinder, 2013, Digital C-print mounted on Dibond aluminum, 74×100 cm.


Christiane Peschek

Christiane’s 13 Kinder explores the captivating process of self projection as seen through the eyes of German and Austrian children, aged between 4 to 10. Christiane Peschek worked with these children for several months, using the question “How do you want to be when you can become whatever is in your mind?” as a starting point.
Their responses were represented through visual language, breaking the restraints of the written word, to better realise a child’s view of the world and their position within it. The work looks at the link between the memory and legacy of the past, the interpretation of the present and the possibility and desire for the future.

Taejoong Kim, Foresta #7, 2013.


Contemporary Photography from Korea

Image © Taejoong Kim, Foresta #7, 2013.


Korea Special

Introducing fresh new work from South Korea by emerging artists from the Chung-Ang University: Chankyu Kim, Youngdon Jung, Hyungsik Kim, A-Ri Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Taejoong Kim, Taejun Yoon, and Youngjin Yoo. Co-curated by Kyungwoo Chun and Hyosup Jung. The exhibition offers a rare
insight into contemporary photographic practices in Korea, presenting us with a varied and ever surprising array of projects.

Image: Chris Round, Whyalla South Australia, 2011

Island — Australia

Contemporary Photography from Australia

Image © Chris Round, Whyalla South Australia, 2011


Island — Australia

Presented by the Australian Centre for Photography and PhotoIreland at The Copper House Gallery as a gripping taster, ‘Island — Australia’ provides a glimpse of some of the most exciting Australian photographers today, from street and documentary to contemporary fine art photography. Going beyond the clichés of the island Down Under, the selection of works offers an insight into Australia’s people, landscapes and way of life.

Navigating between the real, the expected and the imagined, the images presented constitute a suggestive and subjective portrait of Australia, poetical and sometimes harsh. Curated by Claire Monneraye, the exhibition includes works by Markus Andersen, Katelyn Jane-Dunn, Charles Kasprzak, Kristian Laemmle-Ruff, Jesse Marlow, Raphaela Rosella, Chris Round, David Maurice Smith, Juliet Taylor and Wouter Van De Voorde.

Katrin Koenning

Image © Katrin Koenning, 2015.


Katrin Koenning: New Works

For the first time in Ireland, PhotoIreland presents the work of Melbourne based artist Katrin Koenning, offering a unique insight into a very personal visual investigation, an ongoing research on her everyday.
Katrin’s selection of prints and videos complements Claire Monneraye’s presentation on Australian photographic practices, giving us a deeper view on the varied artistic practices coming from the region.

Eamonn Doyle's photobook launch: ON

Eamonn Doyle: ON


Image © Eamonn Doyle, from ON, 2015.


Eamonn Doyle

Following Eamonn Doyle‘s well-received first photobook on March last year, we celebrate the arrival of his second
title at The Library Project: ‘ON’. At the event Eamonn will present his latest project, and visitors will enjoy unique insights of the bookmaking process.
Greetings From Ireland Worldwide 2015
Image © David Farrell, Untitled, from Attempts at a Successful Day, 2013.


Greetings From Ireland Worldwide

After its launch at The Library Project, Dublin, on December 2014, and its forthcoming show at the Triennial of Photography Hamburg, the second stage of Greetings From Ireland will exhibit the selected 40 artists at this year’s festival. Now seeking participation by photographers worldwide, we aim to build
a large repository of images from and about this imaginary country. No matter where you are on this planet, Ireland may manifest in your corner of the world: we want to see how, and find out what Ireland is for you.

Stan Douglas, Mise en scene at IMMA
Image © Stan Douglas, Hastings Park, 16 July 1955, 2008, Digital C-print mounted on Dibond aluminum, 59 1/2 x 88 3/4 inches, 151.1 x 225.4 cm, DOUST0358, Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner, New York.


Featured Exhibitions

The ‘featured exhibitions’ section of the festival highlights key shows programmed by diverse local museums, galleries, and cultural spaces during PhotoIreland Festival. This year, we are delighted to include the first major solo exhibition of Stan Douglas work in Ireland. Presented by the Irish Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with Haus der Kunst in Munich and Museé Carré d’art de Nîmes; as well as Wiels in Brussels, Museu Berardo in Lisbon, Nicolaj Konsthall in Copenhagen, and The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh,
the exhibition focuses on Douglas’s recent photography, including the critically acclaimed series, Malabar People, Mid Century Studio and Disco Angola.
The Gallery of Photography presents this July ‘Notes from the Margins’ an exciting group exhibition of Irish work – further details to be released.
Other featured exhibitions will be programmed by the National Photographic Archive, ArtBox, and other venues.
PhotoIreland Exhibitions

Open Programme 2015

The Open Programme 2015 offers artists, photographers, curators and organisations the opportunity to put forward events and join the festival celebrations.
Open Programme 2015

Summer Campus 2015:

A space to converse, reflect and create.



Portfolio 15 – International Portfolio Reviews

PhotoIreland Festival’s portfolio reviews, on Friday 3rd of July, presents a unique opportunity for emerging artists worldwide to highlight new photographic projects and meet with international experts in the field
to further their careers. The winner of the portfolio reviews weekend will be offered a solo exhibition in PhotoIreland Festival 2016.

Portfolio Reviews Team

Beate Cegielska, Director, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark.
Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna, 3/3, on behalf of Fotoleggendo, Rome, Italy.
Claire Monneraye, Curator, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia.
Dieter Neubert, Director, Fotobook Festival, Kassel, Germany.
Erik Vroons, Chief Editor, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Hannah Watson, Director, TJ Boulting gallery & Trolley Books, London, UK.
Heidi Romano, Director Photobook Melbourne, Editor UYW, Melbourne, Australia.
Malcolm Dickson, Director, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, UK.
Manik Katyal, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Emaho Magazine, New Delhi, India.
Moritz Neumüller, Chair of the Board & Curatorial Advisor, PhotoIreland.
Stacey Baker, Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine, NY, USA.

Sumer Campus 2015

Talks Programme

An essential part of the Summer Campus, the programme of workshops and talks gathers under one roof a series of events developed with you in mind. Improve your skills and critical thinking with the invited professionals.


Fotobook Festival Kassel

We ♥ Photobooks

Our passion for the printed matter is a well-known secret. In 2011 we celebrated the first Book & Magazine Fair, bringing to Ireland a varied array of publications no bookshop in Ireland had even imagined existed. Luckily, things are changing rapidly and a growing number of adepts and savvy photographers are finding their way to the rarest of publications. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to find the latest materials from afar. For the 2015 edition, PhotoIreland wants to place special focus on the Asia Pacific region,
bringing to Ireland a great representation of books from Korea, plus a very unique selection from the funds of the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive. The Fotobook Kassel Dummy Award 2015 and The Library Project will complement the offering, exhibiting the shortlisted works for the German award and from our fantastic collection of photobooks. Meanwhile, the Book Fair will bring to Ireland the latest from the best publishers and the most interesting artists.
Asia Pacific Photobook Archive

The Asia Pacific Photobook Archive

PhotoIreland is delighted to present for the first time in Europe a selection of publications from the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive. Co-ordinated by Daniel Boetker-Smith, the archive is the only dedicated library of photobooks from this region in the world. The organisation offers its open access collection in Melbourne, Australia, travelling internationally to
promote the work of emerging and established Asia-Pacific photographers. Visitors will enjoy a rare look into many publications from this very prolific region, largely ignored in the West.
Korean Photobooks - PhotoIreland 2015


To complement the JIGEUM 지금 exhibition, The Library Project will present a selection of photobooks by Korean Photographers like Heinkuhn Oh, Heeseung Chung, Jhinryung Oh, Osang Gwon, Won Seoung Won, Yoo Young Jin, amongst others.
Many of these books were kindly donated to the collection by Kyungwoo Chun after the Photobook Week Aarhus, with the support of Beate Cegielska, Director of Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark.



The Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award 2015 at PhotoIreland Festival.

Fotobook Kassel Dummy Award 2015

In 2015 the best 50 books will be shortlisted by a pre-jury, and will be exhibited at international photo events in Kassel, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome, São Paulo,
and at PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin during the Summer Campus. Expect some more great books this year!


PhotoIreland Book Fair 2015
PhotoIreland Book Fair 2015

The PhotoIreland Book Fair offers visitors the latest publications, books, magazines and fanzines. A unique opportunity for all audiences to access publications that rarely come to Ireland.

The Library Project
The Library Project

The Library Project boasts a modest yet mind-boggling collection of over 1200 contemporary publications for you to browse. The collection is offered throughout the year as a public resource library, and during the festival all the items go on show for everyone to enjoy. The bookshop offers many unique items too!



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