Practical Info

Festival Info Point:
The Library Project


Find out about the exciting exhibitions, workshops, films and events going on throughout PhotoIreland Festival, with leaflets and the free festival catalogue on offer at The Library Project, Temple Bar. Our friendly volunteers will help you with all the information you needed to make sure you will enjoy the Festival in full!


Yes, it is free

Almost all the exhibitions and events programmed are free, so make sure to enjoy them. Check the full list of exhibitions, and the full list of events before you leave on route to the festival. Look at the Google map and plan those exhibitions or events that interest you, and make sure you note their locations and, most importantly, the opening hours. Make use of the handy Day by Day: a handy list of events is shown per day, so you can find out quickly what is on offer that day.


Know the city

While you will find a succinct map in the catalogue, we recommend you to have a good one at hand if you are not familiar with the cities. It is always a good idea to ask at one of the venues you are visiting for other venues nearby, so you can trails your way through the programme.

The Library Project